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Anzac Commemoration Ceremony 2019


The Anzac Commemoration ceremony is a respectful reflective occasion at Ku-ring-Gai High School.

In the final week of Term 1, students, teachers, staff and guests gathered in the Margaret Preston Hall to commemorate all who served and those who died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations as well as the contribution and suffering of all those who served.

Our School Captains Pierce and Grace led the assembly and delivered an impactful speech about the soldiers return and the meaning of Anzac Day. We also had performances by our Concert Band and a TEP Drama Ensemble piece directed by Mr. Hennessy.

A synthesis of film, dance, and music was the centrepiece of the commemoration, as seen at the link below.

‘Echoes of the past’ a film produced by Mr. Redshaw provided historic imagery and commentary of conflicts faced by Anzac soldiers. The film served as a backdrop and was complemented by a dance piece, ‘Aftermath’, choreographed by Ms. Dunn and performed by our HSC Dance students. A fitting musical item, ‘Safety of Distance’, performed by Ryan Lasek, accompanied by Louisa Pang, Sora Wakaki and Andrew Liang concluded the performance.

As tradition at Ku-ring-gai, Year 7 Students, Peer Support Leaders, Prefects and invited guests visited the Sphinx Memorial in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to conclude the ceremony.

See the image gallery at: Anzac Commemoration Ceremony.