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Learning life skills at Year 11 Camp

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Following a trail, solving riddles, completing tasks, and interacting with local businesses and the public, Year 11 found their final clues and safely completed all of the challenges on their brand new wellbeing camp, The Urban Challenge.

Year 11 Camp is an important milestone on the road to completing school.

The Urban Challenge provides our students with the ultimate real-world experience that strongly promotes independence, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

Small teams embarked on a fast-paced unfolding adventure completing activities across Sydney, including clue chases, meal preparation, go-discover challenges, and much more along the way.

With each team member having a functional role, every student contributed to the overall success of their team - team leader, treasurer, transport officer, accommodation officer....

Our students also took part in a Cook4Good activity at Kids Giving Back as part of their camp.

Kids Giving Back helps to develop our next generation of leaders and helps in creating a culture of generosity and civic responsibility.

With smiling faces and enthusiasm, our students all contributed to cooking, packaging, and writing personalised messages, creating over 330 meals for vulnerable people in the community.

New friendships were formed. Existing friendships were strengthened. The Year 11 team became stronger, more resilient, and ready to tackle the remainder of their high school journey.