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The House Championship returns

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At our Friday school assembly, we launched the much anticipated 2023 Ku-ring-gai High School House Championship.

The House Championship acts as a link between Year Groups, supporting our Talent Enrichment Program, and provides students with opportunities for working, competing, and collaborating together. Encouraging a healthy sense of competition and recognising the contribution of all students for participation, sporting, and academic achievements.

The House Championship also creates important leadership opportunities for students in Year 10 and Year 11 as they elect to become House Captains and lead their house to victory.

Points are accumulated by individual students, tallying towards a house total, to determine the winners of the Ku-ring-gai High School Carnival Cup, Ku-ring-gai High School House Cup, and ultimately the Ku-ring-gai High School House Championship.

Tagore, Lincoln, Churchill or Curie, who will win the coveted 2023 House Championship?!