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Building a sense of belonging - Year 7, 2021

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Building a student’s sense of belonging at school is related to their academic achievement and wellbeing. Sense of belonging has a strong influence on students’ academic motivation and thus is related to their academic outcomes. Students who have a strong sense of belonging also tend to be happier, have a greater interest in school activities, and are more confident.

That is why in 2020 we successfully developed and implemented our Year 7 Transition Program. Helping bridge the gap between the conclusion of Primary School and the start of High School.

In 2021, our newest learning community members completed a three-day project-based learning activity. Enabling students to work collaboratively in teams, to think critically and creatively to solve problems, and to learn through hands-on construction activities. Our new students worked alongside their Peer Support Leaders to complete challenges whilst familiarising themselves with the learning environment of Ku-ring-gai High School.

Plus, it looks like a whole lot of fun!