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School emergency evacuation policies

Bushfire Procedure Information

With the bushfire season already upon us it is important that all families are aware of our procedures should there be bushfires near us or should there be a catastrophic bushfire event forecast for our area. 

Our school is on the Bushfire register. This means that should a catastrophic event be declared in our region, our school will close for the duration of the event and students are to stay at home (usually only one day). Unfortunately, the event is not declared until after 4:30pm in the afternoon of the day before. Immediate communication and updates will be via the School Stream App. 

Therefore, it is essential that families familiarise themselves with the Rural Fire Service web site and the DoE Website for updates. These web addresses are as follows: www.rfs.nsw.gov.au and https://education.nsw.gov.au/public-schools/school-safety 

We will continue to rehearse our “Shelter Procedure” so that everyone is safe in the event of bushfires.

See following link for our  Shelter Procedures

As part of this procedure it is important for you to note that students must turn off their mobile phones as per the request of emergency services. Otherwise the system will collapse and affect the ability of the emergency services to communicate. 

Students will be safe sheltering in the hall of our school  until the fire/smoke emergency is over. On the advice of emergency services, we are advised that it is not safe to attempt to evacuate the whole school along Bobbin Head Road amidst smoke and cinders. 

I repeat, students and staff will be safe sheltering in the hall at our school.

Parents are not to attempt to drive down Bobbin Head Road to pick up students in an emergency but to act on the advice of the emergency services. 

For any further enquiries or clarification please contact the school- 02 9144 3477. 

Mr Stephen Plummer