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Integrated Learning Centre (ILC)

Integrated learning centre (ILC)

The Integrated learning Centre (ILC) was established at Ku-ring-gai High School at the beginning of 2015 and consists of 3 classes from Years 5 – 12.

The aim of the ILC is to get the students to be the best they can be by offering them a holistic educational program that is tailored to meet the individual academic, social and emotional needs of each student while still having access to a mainstream curriculum.

Students in the ILC will be actively involved in the Ku-ring-gai creative arts community and will have access to assemblies, year meetings, sports carnivals, the Talent Enrichment Program (TEP) and other whole school activities that the school offers. 

Note: Places in this class are determined at a regional level. Any requests for information about the ILC in our school should be directed to the Macquarie Park Office of the Department of Education, and not directly to the school or the ILC staff.


Head Teacher

Evan Davis Rel. HT


Kim Le

Edward Gordon

Sid Pink