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Northern Academy of The Arts

Ku-ring-gai High School has a long-standing culture of Creative & Performing Arts. To further strengthen and enhance this culture, including the construction and use of our new specialised facilities, we are inviting students and their families to express their interest in our Creative and Performing Arts Program - Northern Academy of The Arts.

The link for expressions of interest for 2025 is below.


The Northern Academy of the Arts is a scholarship program at Ku-ring-gai High School whereby students who demonstrate an exceptional talent in the Creative and Performing Arts are able to extend their expertise in their chosen field. 

This development program will allow students to attend regular lessons with an emphasis on the arts within their mandatory curriculum. They will also have timetabled tutorials with specialists in the areas of their expertise.

Students will audition for the Year 7 Scholarship intake, and remain as a student in the Academy from Years 8 - 12. The Year 7 Scholarship covers the fees, workshops and equipment in their first year of the Academy. Then from Years 8 - 12, students will be given additional opportunities to participate in workshops and performances in the wider community.

To find out more about the program, please do not hesitate to contact our school on (02) 9144 3477.